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Nutritious Movement™ (formerly the Restorative Exercise Institute) is a portal to an idea – that YOU ARE HOW YOU MOVE and that you can move differently for a different, better outcome, once you have more information regarding how movement works. We currently live in a world where “life” is mostly sedentary, and “exercise” is the one or two hours a day we set aside to fit in some movement. Research is showing, more and more, that this approach doesn’t meet our bodies’ need for movements.

Nutritious Movement™ is sustenance for your cells. This whole-body movement program utilizes exercises, alignment adjustments, and habitat (lifestyle) changes to better move all trillion of your body’s parts. This program is the foundational physical education that everyone needs and everyone can benefit from. The goal is to restore and nourish your entire body, so all the parts are healthy and working well.

Nutritious Movement™ is a huge missing link in our culture’s understanding of, and experience of, the human body and movement, and can truly be life-changing and it can impact every part of your life.

Nutritious Movement™ includes:

  • Movement micronutrients – corrective exercises, like a calf stretch or psoas release, to help mobilize and correct alignment.

  • Movement macronutrients – larger movements, like walking, squatting and climbing to nourish more of your body.

  • Habitat – lifestyle changes, like using a sit/stand desk or carrying your groceries to keep you moving and allow your whole body thrive.

Bev received her Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) Certification through biomechanist Katy Bowman (Author of ‘Move Your DNA’) of Nutritious Movement™, Katy sums up the theory behind Nutritious Movement™ in this video:

Restorative Exercise Specialist



As a Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES), Bev can teach you about the role movement plays in the body and in the world by blending a scientific approach with straight talk about sensible, whole-life movement solutions.

The Nutritious Movement™ Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist Program (RES) is a two-year biomechanics-based program that focuses on “natural human movement” principles, and evidence-based research on the importance of a movement-centered lifestyle. The link between the lack of “normal” daily movement that humans were physically intended to do each day (not just your one hour at the gym or physical therapy session), is clearly linked to many chronic mechanical or physical illnesses, and even physical deformity.


A Restorative Exercise Specialist is certified to work privately with patients, teach classes, hold seminars, and more. Working with a Restorative Exercise Specialist helps gain insight and understanding of the importance of incorporating the body’s natural “corrective exercises” throughout our daily life, and how doing so can progressively help correct misalignments and strengthen the body through a more nutritious movement-focused approach. Transitioning to a movement-centered lifestyle helps increase proprioception, correct misalignments, and decrease trigger points, which all are huge contributors to musculoskeletal pain and other types of pain we often feel daily. Alleviating the possible causes of chronic pain and discomfort through a more micronutrient, natural movement, and corrective exercise-based approach can be life-changing for some people — many who were otherwise not able to do much or move at all, without a lot of discomfort and pain.




Restorative Exercise is a personalized and progressive corrective exercise fitness program designed and conducted by a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES). The program is based upon a client’s goals and focuses on improving function, independence and self-efficiency. Additionally, Restorative Exercise seeks to improve and/or prevent secondary complications and degenerative changes that typically follow a physical disability, disease, and/or musculoskeletal injury.


The goal of corrective and restorative exercise is to help:

  • facilitate your transition to a lifestyle focused on moving more and moving better throughout your day …with more comfort and with less pain … while learning how to self-correct misalignments and incorporate specific movements that our bodies need to function optimally.

  • correcting your posture … misalignments in the way we move, sit, or stand … understanding how doing so has proven to help alleviate causes of chronic pain and discomfort

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