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Align, Restore, and Move Yoga

Yoga, Restorative Exercise, Yoga Hiking

How Can Beverly Stegman Help Me Achieve Better Health and Wellness?


Given her 34 years of experience in the healthcare industry, this certified yoga instructor, certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, and health and wellness coach can …

  • Teach you safe, effective biomechanically correct natural movement for optimal health.

  • Instruct you in corrective exercise to relieve tension and build strength in weak spots.

  • Teach you how to change your movement habits to create lasting change.

  • Show you how to create a more balanced and healthy movement diet by teaching you how to figure out which movements you’re missing, and which you’re currently overdosing on.


Through Bev’s personalized instruction and with Nutritious Movement’sresources, you’ll receive education on biomechanics, kinesiology, and physiology, as well as information on how to build a supportive movement community, and create a natural habitat that supports the best performance of your body parts -- all trillion of them.

Align, Restore, and Move Yoga

Yoga, Restorative Exercise, Yoga Hiking

Bev’s instruction, therapy and coaching includes Classes, Workshops, and Private Sessions which focus on corrective exercises and simple, yet specifically targeted, movements designed to:

  • Correct alignment and joint mechanics

  • Enhance circulation and improve neuropathic function

  • Restore appropriate muscle length and strength

  • Correct posture, improve balance and proprioception, and reduce fall risk

  • Treat, reduce/eliminate and/or help you manage pain

  • Improve pulmonary function through breathwork


Her instruction incorporates:

  • Self-assessment and body awareness

  • Motor skill acquisition

  • Whole-body movement

Regular practice can decrease pain and improve mobility, stability, and strength for optimal health and wellness. Bev looks forward to helping you discover why it’s important to move better, and will teach you how to do itl


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It’s an honor to help guide others to better health and wellness.  I would love to help you build a strong, functional, pain-free body, so you can live the life you love!  If you are ready to learn, move, and make some changes, I can help guide you down a path of better well-being !
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Meet Beverly Stegman

Yoga, Restorative Exercise, Yoga for Medical Conditions, Barre Yoga, Physical Therapy
  • Bev is a retired gymnast who sustained a back injury at age 18 with subsequent lumbar spinal fusion and progressive scoliosis. Having suffered for years from daily back pain and worsening posture, Bev decided there had to be a natural, organic way to manage pain, improve posture, and find balance. She found it through yoga and restorative exercise. It is her passion to help others decrease pain and improve mobility, stability, and strength for optimal health and wellness.

  • Bev is a yoga instructor specializing in yoga for medical conditions. This renowned and gifted teacher is the first and one of few certified Yoga for Scoliosis trainers in the state of Georgia.

  • In April 2018, Beverly Stegman earned Restorative Exercise Specialist Certification upon completion of Nutritious Movement’s™ Corrective Exercise Training Program.

  • Bev has 34+ years in the healthcare industry.

  • Bev is a Yoga instructor and Restorative Exercise Instructor who has earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, with certifications as Experienced RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist, Healthy Foot Practitioner, and Restorative Exercise Specialist.

  • She is the owner/administrator of Foundation Therapy Center (FTC) in Roswell and Sandy Springs, GA, providers of outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and yoga. 

When Bev is not working and teaching, she enjoys spending time with her grandson, Galen! He is a natural in "training" exercises for physical development, motor skills, balance, etc. Check out these adorable videos!

19-month-old grandson Galen masters Bev's Bosu ball obstacle course! 

15-month-old grandson Galen enjoys his foot training on this river rock rug!

Meet Bev Stegman
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Raising the Bars Yoga

Innovative, One-of-a-Kind, Yoga for Medical Conditions and Overall Health and Wellness

Utilizing Strategically Placed, Multiple Levels of Ballet Barres

​The Stegman Method℠ for Health & Wellness

Raising the Bars Yoga ~ The Stegman Method℠ is an innovative, one-of-a-kind, yoga for medical conditions and overall health and wellness utilizing strategically placed, multiple levels of ballet barres. This revolutionary method is effective for individuals suffering from and/or preventing injury or illness. It blends restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on energy work, and guided meditation techniques. Utilizing multiple levels of bars maximizes leverage, gravity, and bodyweight for resistance. These unique techniques challenge one’s core stability and balance, and increase flexibility, strength, and endurance in ways not typically achieved by traditional yoga or through other therapeutic exercise and treatment. Choose from three convenient Atlanta area locations: Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Marietta.


Align, Restore, and Move Yoga

Yoga, Restorative Exercise, Yoga Hiking

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